May I thank the 14,224 people of Suffolk who voted for me in the recent PCC election.  As an Independent without any of the infrastructure that a political party possesses or support for a mail drop sadly it was impossible to get my message to all parts of the county.

While obviously I would like to have got through to the second count I must congratulate Tim Passmore and Jane Basham who, in a strange way, both won, but as the voting system meant you could back an outsider and then support a favourite I hope nobody felt their votes were wasted. The turnout only confirmed it was an unwanted election for a little understood position.

However, for those who supported me I undertake over the coming months to monitor carefully and comment on the plans and policies of the first Commissioner.  I will on this site highlight what I see as the really important issues for the role. Given that support was low with significant disengagement by the public generally it is important that the PCC creates confidence and trust in the position.

Tim Passmore has clearly stated he intends to be independent and will not have his strings pulled by the conservative party. He has said he is 99.9% certain he will not increase the precept. These are important pledges made to the electorate and I am sure Tim believes it to be possible to keep them.

My campaign was based on ensuring front line officer numbers were maintained and looking at the figures we were given during pre election briefings , I could see no other way than to increase the precept and lift the funding floor for future year settlements. This is a new role working within the wider criminal justice system monitored and held to account by the Police and Crime panel and ensuring transparency of decision making.

We must ensure this is a rigorous independent process free of political influence.  I will be happy to receive your comments to

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