Why Choose Me?

Why give me the opportunity to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk?

Well, first of all I am passionate about Suffolk.  It’s my home and it’s where I have worked for more than 25 years. During that time I have learned to appreciate and respect its diversity and its strength of community while recognising areas enjoy discrete personalities.

But, most important of all, I am independent. I am not allied to any political party, neither do I have access to a party machine to help with election campaigning. I am truly independent and my strongest belief is that the Commissioner should also be truly independent. Our heritage, which must be protected, is a police force that answers solely to the law that they are sworn to uphold. The Commissioner should answer only to the Suffolk community and work tirelessly to ensure the service responds to the priorities it sets. (for more information about why an independent candidate is important for Suffolk – and you – please click here )

I relish a challenge! I have had experience with both radio and the county’s GPs in developing successful services. The Commissioner role is a similar challenge; building on the good work that has been lead by the Police Authority and holding to account the Force to provide the services that the Suffolk Community deserves. I am certain that my experience and skills will allow me to balance innovative ideas with the risk management needed to maintain good governance.

There is no doubt that Suffolk has a highly professional, dedicated and motivated police force and any Commissioner must move mountains to make sure that the Force can continue to serve in this way. Policing is a unique service at the cornerstone of our democracy and we must maintain and, where possible, increase their front line presence.  That does not come without cost  and I will not shrink from asking the Suffolk council tax payer to meet an increase in the police precept. In times of austerity demands on the police increase and we need a responsive and robust service that continues to reduce crime, catch criminals and work closely with victims. The wider criminal justice system can together ensure there will be no hiding place in Suffolk for criminals and we will continue to feel safe.


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